Car hire and driver guide - 4x4 safaris East Africa

Car hire and driver guide services are available for your East African holidays. Our driver guides will always be at your service during your visit to this part of Africa. They are well-informed about the region and always know where to turn. Share your itinerary with us and have a wonderful Africa trip. Car hire and driver guide is a good option for first-time customers to East Africa. Better vehicle upkeep and providing drivers for the vehicles will lead to a new dawn in the car hire business. The concept of vehicle rental, where a vehicle is leased with a driver-guide, is ideal for clients who don’t want to drive. Given the nature of 4x4s – Extended land Cruisers and the places they go, having driver guides is a real plus.

Car hire in East Africa with a driver is the best way to explore the region – and with our 4x4s at affordable costs, travelers will always have a good time. 4×4 vehicles are the best when doing a safari in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda whether it’s a tourist safari or exploring the country cities. Our driver-guides will lead you through the cities, giving you important information and background history. It’s no secret that a 4×4 vehicle can access more places with ease, and the cost is not very different from the two-wheel-drive minivans that are commonly used as safari vehicles in East Africa. Given the high fuel prices in the region, a 4×4 is the best option for every tour.

Importance of having a Driver Guide

In hiring a car without a driver in East Africa (the term ‘self-drive’ is commonly used) it is often assumed that this will give more flexibility and cost less. The assumption of flexibility is not correct. In virtually all cases, it is quite easy to change the itinerary of a guided safari.  A driver who has formed a good relationship with the clients will be willing to extend his services to take them off to some location in the free time between safaris. As for cost, when the actual costs are tallied for a self-drive trip involving visitation to National Parks, including the park fees, a good quality 4×4 vehicle, food and accommodation, and comparatively the same trip done as a package tour. The difference is often found to be quite small.

Car hire with a driver guide