East Africa Tour and Budget Car Rentals on Self-Drive

For an exhilarating self-drive adventure through East Africa, rent a 4×4 on-budget for all your 4×4 car hire needs. With our affordable rates on a 4×4 fleet, you can embark on the trip of a lifetime. Choose to travel on a Budget – rent a car with camping, or choose some of the min-SUVs like the Toyota Rav4s for your next self-drive expedition. Not only do we offer competitive rates on 4×4 car hire, but also provide excellent customer service and support throughout your journey. From picking up your vehicle to navigating the roads of East Africa, our team is dedicated to ensuring your trip is smooth and hassle-free.

4x4 Budget Car Rental and Safaris

When choosing a self-drive safari to East Africa, it is important that you take carefully into consideration the right vehicle that suits your holiday. The vehicle choice can make or break your trip. A fully equipped 4×4 can journey through the ragged terrains of the national parks and game reserves. High ground clearance and low range gears are essential for some of the roads, but this comes versing prices. For a camping safari, you may just want a 4WD to make travel between lodges and tourist destinations comfortable. A 4×4 vehicle is also suitable for travel through Kenya to Uganda or Tanzania and around the Lake Victoria region. On the same note, it is important to remember if you are planning to visit Uganda, a vehicle with 4WD is necessary to reach many tourist destinations due to the poor road conditions. The advantages of a private self-drive tour in East Africa are limitless. With the great cost between a tailor-made safari and a group safari beginning to increasingly slim, self-drive safaris are increasing in popularity in the safari market.

Renting 4x4 for Self-drive

Budget Car hire - Land Cruiser

Taking a journey through the region with these 4×4 vehicles is a true African experience in every sense of the word. The vast majority of the region’s tourism is based on Self-driving safaris.

4x4 Budget Camping Safaris

4x4 Budget Camping Safaris

Join the camping East African adventure holiday with our 4×4 budget cars. Save more on your next holiday by camping. It’s worth having this option, especially during peak season.

4x4 Car hire and Self-drive

Car hire with a Prado - Pop-up

Renting a car for a self-drive comes with a budget. We offer exciting rates on this Prado Land Cruiser which has an option of a pop-up roof, and a great deal on wildlife viewing.

Relevance of Budget Car Rentals

There’s a difference between a normal car rental and a car rental for a safari. The cars suitable for a safari should be firm enough and robust to tackle the different terrain possibilities. Hence, these cars usually come in 4WD/SUV variety, which is quite expensive. Now, sending a 2WD car to a tourist doing a self-drive safari in national parks where wildlife is abundant is a recipe for disaster. The concern for safety arises, as what’s going to happen if we get stuck and at what cost to get a rescue back on track is no fun. The fact is, you need a 4×4 car to manoeuvre around the national parks, and we offer these at an amazing rate of 50-60 USD per day for a Toyota RAV4 or equivalent. This way, you are saving a lot compared to getting a 2WD from somewhere else, and these cars truly fit the definition of budget cars ideal for a safari.


East Africa is one of the most diverse and interesting areas in the world for wildlife safaris, and thus the call for camping safaris. Wildlife still abounds, and the landscapes and cultures are astounding – That’s why we provide affordable safaris with camping at budget rates. The independent budget traveller has been virtually priced out of the market, except for the highlights. This is where we aim to change that. Over the years, the overland routes have overshot the national park entrance fee budget. Sometimes the daily fee has been the same cost as hiring a vehicle and going on a private budget camping safari. We offer 4×4 Land Cruisers (TX) at lower budgets, and we have special rates for longer rental periods.

Destinations in East Africa for Camping Safaris

The most fascinating destinations in East Africa are the game parks – in particular the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. Serengeti attracts camping safaris because of the great wildlife spectacle – the great migration of wildebeest and zebra. The resident population of lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, among others. Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, and Selous National Park in the southern – this variety means that Tanzania has the largest number of attractions and a call for holiday tours. Uganda, the pearl of Africa and Rwanda offer one of the best forest trekking experiences in East Africa – Tracking the Gorillas. Viewing the Gorillas in the mist, in their natural habitat, has been described by many as the most profound wildlife experience. These experiences call for numerous travels and thus budgets are put into consideration.  Renting a 4×4 and travelling through these mountainous ranges is all we focus on to determine what vehicle suits your trip. Other popular destinations are Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Parks. By visiting these destinations on a camping safari, with the help of experienced local guides, and using private campsites away from the crowded tourist hotels, you will experience the best that East Africa has to offer in the most unobtrusive, authentic and comfortable manner.

Best time to travel to East Africa for Budget Travellers

Travelling off-peak to Africa and East Africa in particular often means spending less money on flights and accommodation. In East Africa, going on safari during off-peak seasons can mean a more intimate and less crowded experience in the National Parks. There are fewer convoys of safari trucks packed with tourists following the same old routes. Even at the more popular parks like the Serengeti and Masai Mara, you are likely to experience moments where you are the only vehicle in sight amongst the abundant wildlife.

East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda are fast becoming the hottest new destinations for those in search of a holiday that goes beyond the typical tourist trappings. Offering a unique blend of ecotourism, world-class safaris, stunning beaches, and rich cultural experiences. The unforgettable scenery, and a trip to East Africa are sure to leave a lasting imprint. However, those who travel to Africa will already know that, due to its size, the continent experiences a wide range of different climates and weather patterns. Therefore, choosing the right time of year to visit your preferred country or destination can have a significant impact on the quality of your travels.

East African budget Safari Vacation

15 Days Budget Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania Safari holiday

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Budget Safaris and gorilla trekking in Bwindi

15 Days Budget Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania Safari holiday

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15 Days Budget Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania Safari holiday

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Travelling to East Africa, the journey begins far before you board a plane. To get the full experience and to maximize the most and best of what this vast and stunning continent has to offer, it is imperative to carefully choose the right time and the mode, either self-drive or a guided trip to East Africa. This will ensure that the best possible weather conditions and the opportunity to see the sights the way you want to are met for your trip. East Africa itself is a huge region with different sets of peak and off-peak travel times.