4x4 Self-guided holidays in Eastern and Southern Parts of Africa

Our 4×4 tours are centred in the East and Southern parts of Africa. Countries like Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Botswana are always on the whilst. A completely novel concept in the tourism industry, self-guided holidays are centred on the philosophy of independence whilst exploring new and exciting frontiers these destinations have to offer. Self-drive safaris appeal to a wider sector of the market, but arguably 4×4 enthusiasts and nature lovers are those who have most eagerly welcomed this form of adventure in this part of Africa. Little can compete with the freedom of being able to access remote and pristine places in conservation and wildlife areas. This is equally matched with the knowledge that 4×4 holidaymakers are providing direct assistance to the custodians of these areas through park entrance fees and levies on fuel and other accessories that are directly channelled into conservation. Self-drive 4×4 holidays are always budgeted in nature and are the best way to experience wildlife Safaris in Africa with flexibility that guided tours do not. With careful planning and a selection of the right destinations, self-driving safaris in East and Southern Africa can provide some of the most memorable moments in some of the most breathtaking areas on the continent. Some opportunities exist for self-drive 4×4 holidays in East and Southern Africa.

4x4 self-guided holidays

Travelling a foreign land, and discovering its hidden gems and culture is what adventure is all about. 4×4 self-guided tours give you this excitement, independence and adventure together with the benefits of pre-booking accommodation and camping equipment for outdoors, taking the worries and concerns out of a standard self-drive trip! We offer a comprehensive range of self-drive tours throughout these destinations and one-way rental options. These vary in duration and can be tailor-made, but all offer the opportunity to get away from the tourist areas and experience the real Africa.

Your well-maintained 4×4 vehicle, from our company premises allows you to access remote, uncrowded, off-the-beaten-track areas. Experiencing the self-sufficient pleasures of travelling with a roof-top tent and all camping equipment will not only lower your budget but also draw you closer to the wilderness. Most trips are designed for two to four persons and are provided with either comprehensive ‘meet and greet’ and ‘route check’ information or a guided mobile phone. Many of the routes and areas have been tried and tested by us to gather knowledge and information for our scheduled camping and lodge safaris.

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Eastern and Southern Parts of Africa as ideal destinations

More often than not, the attractions are remote and off the beaten track, and the best way to access them is by 4×4 Jeep. Game reserves and National Parks such as the Kruger National Park in South Africa, the Okavango Delta in Botswana, and the Serengeti in Tanzania offer some of the best wildlife viewing in Africa. Driving through these areas is a unique experience and often the only way to access remote destinations not yet spoiled by mass tourism. High-range 4x4s are required for destinations, which we always provide to our clients. For a 4×4 enthusiast, few areas in the wild offer such a variety of off-road experiences in such proximity.

These destinations in Africa are an area for discovery, adventure, and excitement. The diversity of the region is a huge attraction, with each country offering its own unique safari experience. From the mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho to the National parks of South Africa, the riverine forests of Zambia covering the North and South Luangwa, and the tropical islands of Mozambique, the choices are endless. Over the past decade, East and Southern Africa have been the focus of much world interest due to the ecotourism possibilities and due to film and documentary exposure – Thus many previously unknown destinations have grown in popularity. The region is also home to some of the friendliest people in Africa who have a culture of hospitality and generosity. The Eastern parts of Africa have an immense range of destinations that offer ultimate adventure, beautiful scenery, and challenging 4×4 experiences. The area is rich in cultural heritage, and history, and offers travellers a game-viewing experience like nowhere else in the world.