Renting a 4x4 - Self drive Tours in East Africa

Renting a 4×4 for self-drive safaris in East Africa. Book your 4×4 vehicle for holidays in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. With a Self-drive, you will be able to save more on your African holiday. We offer great deals for holiday travelers who travel through East Africa. Book with camping, ground, or rooftop camping at fair rates. Explore East Africa on a self-drive trip by renting a 4×4 vehicle for a self-drive tour. With self-drive and overland safaris coupled with camping becoming increasingly popular in East Africa, endless opportunities are created for unforgettable adventures in this part of Africa. One of the exciting things about renting a 4×4 for a self-drive tour is the freedom it offers to every private traveler. With such tours, choose your itinerary – the starting and end points also involve one-way rentals. These can be cheaper than round trips. Self-drive Tours give you the freedom to stop wherever you feel pleased. Explore Tanzania and visit the famous Serengeti National Park in Tanzania in the Manyara region, and explore the stunning Masai Mara in Kenya, best known for wildebeests and zebras in large herds. In Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, you will see some endangered species. Self-drive tours give you the independence to travel to any place by adjusting your budget.

Renting a 4x4 for Self-drive

Travel in Rwanda for safaris on a self-guided tour with this 4x4 Land Cruiser - for off-road Safaris. These come in automatic & manual shift

4x4 Land Cruiser - Camping

Camping on a self drive Safari with Rooftop tent 4x4 Land Cruiser - for tours in East Africa. This is a great deal for two people camping.

    Rent a 4x4 for Self drive safaris

    One-way self-drive tours in East Africa are a fantastic option – allowing you to pick up your 4×4 rental in one location and drop it off in another. Choose camping on these cross-country tours to save on your accommodation. This will allow you to explore various destinations on a budget trip through this part of East Africa without the need to backtrack. Such possibilities are endless – whether you want to start in Nairobi and end in Kampala or journey from Dar es Salaam to Kigali in Rwanda. These cross-country safaris are always recommended to take not less than 14 days to avoid rushing on highways.

    Car Rental and Camping Safaris

    Choosing Camping on your self-drive safari in East Africa is another experience. Stay in the wilderness, close to nature and enjoy the beauty of wildlife. With a 4×4 rental, which we always provide with rooftop tents, you can set up camp in some of the most remote locations like Katavi and Ruaha in Southern Tanzania, allowing you to connect with nature. Sleeping under the stars in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania and waking up by the roar of the early hunters to see wildebeests roaming the plains – camping safaris offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience for nature lovers. Traveling to Africa for a wildlife holiday is one of the most expensive trips for most travelers. This is made easy by renting a 4×4 for a self-drive tour and camping. By exploring the region this way, you are guaranteed to save money on your tours. Accommodation costs while experiencing the beauty and adventure East Africa offers are all cut low. With our affordable rental options, renting a 4×4 for your East African self-drive adventure is a cost-effective way to see the sights and create lasting memories. Your ultimate choice for East Africa safaris is to rent a 4×4 for self-drive.


    Camping safaris in East Africa are the way to save on your trip. Visitors looking to immerse themselves in the African wilderness will always look at the budgets regarding transportation and accommodation. With a rented 4×4 equipped with camping gear, you can explore remote areas and set up camp in designated campsites of the African bush – with Roars of the Wild as your soundtrack.

    For those looking for cross-border tours, such holidays and overland safaris offer a unique way to experience the diverse wildlife, cultures, and landscapes of East Africa and Africa at large. By renting our 4x4s, travel off the beaten path and discover hidden gems – in places that most tourists never see. Renting a 4×4 for your next safari in any East African country is a lifetime journey experience. Renting a 4×4 for self-drive allows you to create a unique and unforgettable safari experience. We know what incredible sights and experiences await you in the wilds of Africa.

    4x4 Budget Camping Safaris

    4x4 Budget Camping Safaris

    For camping safaris in East Africa, we offer budget friendly options of 4×4 with rooftop tents. Get a quote for your holiday in East Africa, choosing your destination with one-way travel.

    Car hire Rwanda and Self drive

    4x4 Land Cruiser - Rwanda

    We offer budget car hire services in Rwanda with our 4×4 Land Cruiser. Book this Prado TX for self-drive safaris in Rwanda. These are ideal choice for four people on self-guided holiday

    4x4 Car hire and Self-drive

    Rent a 4x4 for Uganda holiday

    Rent a 4×4 with a pop-up roof for safaris in Uganda and Kenya. This is one of our budget 4×4 cars for East Africa safaris and self-drive holidays. Rent at 70 dollars a day with unlimited mileage.

    Self-drive in the Wild Africa - 4x4 Travel

    With self-driving safaris, you will forget the traditional guided tours with strict schedules. Walk up to the sounds of the African Jungles, setting out on your adventure through the Savannah and facing the wild. East Africa Holidays will always provide a perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature in its purest form. From Uganda’s thick rainforests, where you will spot some of the Endangered Mountain Gorillas and Rwanda’s Volcanoes – to the open lands in Tanzania and Kenya with thousands of herds of wildebeests and elephants. East Africa tours are genuinely remarkable compared to none. Whether you are an experienced safari-goer or a first-timer, these safaris offer a unique and personal way to experience the wonders of East Africa.

    Renting a 4×4 for self-drive allows you to create a unique and unforgettable safari experience.

    Exploring the Wild Side of Africa on Overlanding Safaris

    Africa self-drive trips and overland safaris are perfect for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. Africa overland tours give you a closer encounter and unforgettable experience of exploring the continent’s most stunning locations. Going on a self-drive safari in Africa is one of the best ways to experience Africa’s wildlife and natural beauty through overlanding tours. Such tours involve traveling in a specially equipped 4×4 vehicle. You will be able to venture off the beaten path and explore remote areas in countries like Tanzania and far South in Zambia, traditional tours may not necessarily give you access.

    The sense of adventure and freedom they provide sets overlanding safaris apart from other types of tours. With the ability to travel across borders and explore multiple countries in one trip, you will have a sense of adventure and freedom to discover hidden games in the beaten paths. The possibilities for Overlanding safaris in Africa are endless with us because we provide you with the flexibility to travel from east to south of Africa. Widen your whilst and include multiple destinations on your Africa trip. Consider overland safaris in Africa, because they offer a diverse range of tour options. A wildlife-focused tour in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda with experienced travel guides – to craft your itinerary with comfortable accommodations, and a strong focus on sustainable tourism practices.

    South Luangwa - Zambia Self drive safaris

    Exploring Zambia and Southern Africa

    They are exploring the Zambia Safaris on a Self-Drive Tour and other southern African destinations on self-drive safaris and cross-border trips. Adventure Safaris in Zambia in the heart of Africa is where the majestic landscapes of Luangwa National Park and the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls await. With the flexibility of self-drive tours and the convenience of Renting a 4×4, your Zambia journey will be unforgettable. One of the highlights of Zambia safari is a visit to Luangwa National Park, known for its diverse wildlife and stunning sceneries. Self-driving through this park on your own, you will have a chance to spot iconic African animals. With the option to stay in midrange lodges or campsites, Luangwa National Park offers a truly immersive African safari experience.